Proven Solution Proven Solution “I feel a whole lot better now that we are getting the overcrowding problem taken care of. And the inmates will be happier not be so cramped up.” Sheriff John Henson, Carter County.
Custom Manufactured to Your Housing Needs "The Eagle EDS Detention Systems proprietary design offer direct supervision for all levels of security housing. Keeping staff safe and secure all the time." Custom Manufactured to Your Housing Needs
Design Build Offer Maximum Turnkey Delivery Design Build Offer Maximum Turnkey Delivery “Each facility is designed to meet customer’s inmate population requirements and security levels. Segregated sleeping accommodations from 2-20 inmates.”
50+ Floor plan Options Available “The Eagle EDS Detention System offers a wide variety of floor plan options to accommodate 16 to 160 bed configurations with segregation and required support services.” 50+ Floor plan Options Available
Energy Efficient Energy Efficient “The one really outstanding part that exceeded our Operations Department’s initial opinion is the overall construction of the units. They are significantly more durable and better sealed than our people thought.” MIT Project Manager, Major Capital Projects Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation.
Field Tested For Over 10 Years “We have made the right decision in contracting with Eagle Companies. I feel we have saved the county millions of dollars from outsourcing our inmates to the next county and the lawsuits from our overcrowded inmate population.” Brad Johnson, Project Manager Field Tested For Over 10 Years

Police being humane

Eagle Companies award  Police “Custody Suite” facility. This structure is rated to withstand Category 5 hurricane. Eagle has detention facilities in several locations across the U.S. and Canada.”

Minister of Home Affairs Chief Officer, Eric Bush.



Immediate financing is available with the nation’s largest tax exempt financial institution. Complete turnkey package can include site work, furniture and fencing.

Operation cost

The EDS Detention System maximizes your inmate observation ratio. This lowers your operational cost and with direct supervision guarantees officer safety.

Energy Efficiency

Each facility is built to meet the thermal demand of its region worldwide. All facilities are equipped with Energy Star certified equipment and built under the U.S. Green Building Council regulations.